Change afoot

This year is bringing change to ministry on campus at Swinburne, as I detailed in my last email update (if you don’t currently receive my updates you can sign up for them here ).

I wanted to make a note here of a few things, so that when I look back over this section ‘What He has done and is doing’ I will remember God’s goodness and praise Him.

  1. The past month has been marked by uncertainty and simultaneously enjoying God’s faithfulness. Even though it’s hard, it’s a great place to be – being forced not to rely on myself or a team but on God.
  2. God has graciously caused generosity to abound in the Victorian AFES staff team – their support of ministry at Swinburne has been a great encouragement
  3. At times this month I’ve been pretty overwhelmed and fear has been threatening to creep in. My head has consistently been reminding my heart that God is worth trusting, that what he has in store is good, generous and overflowing with life. Meeting with Julie-Anne, sharing where we are at with student ministry at Swinburne and sharing my love of Jesus was the instance were God bought victory over fear and doubt. He reminded me of why I’ve fallen in love with him and how worth proclaiming Jesus’ name and the gospel is.

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