Gear Up

Melbourne Uni Christian Union runs a conference prior to semester to train up and equip their students and staff for the coming semester, GEAR UP. They kindly invited myself and any of our student leaders who were available at short notice to attend. Emily (our student president, below) and Luke (one of our committee members) joined me for the three days.
The timing and content of GEAR UP couldn’t have been better for us. I personally needed to be taught and reminded of so much of what was said (it was really full, it’s hard to summarise). The Bible talks focused on parts of Acts – we saw that their is no other name that saves, but Jesus, thus our faithful and whole proclamation of the gospel is necessary and urgent; the Spirit is at work spreading the word; we should expect that in response to the gospel some will repent and believe and others will reject Jesus; we are united with Jesus, this includes in his suffering; I want to be like Paul, counting my life not as worthwhile to me, but to be used for the tasks God has set before me. We also undertook practical training – spending time practicing evangelism. It was also great to spend time with Melbourne Uni students and staff – simply being aware that their are others wanting to share Jesus and build God’s Kingdom was an important take-away of the conference and I’m thankful for the conversations and community we got to enjoy.

16809156_1438532239530591_133350483_n16788183_1438532299530585_132913738_nOne of the student leaders from Melbourne, Nathan, was tasked with the final charge. He reminded everyone of the great opportunity student ministry is, spoke about how only our work for the Kingdom will endure forever, and how our reward will be seeing those we minister to now praising God in heaven. Finally he prayed that God would make known to us what is of consequence eternally. The whole conference culminating in this charge spurred us on to our goal – to make Jesus known. 

What a joy it is that God has made us co-workers with Him (1 Cor 3.9).


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