O-week and welcome back week

The start of semester is the primary time when we meet new students and make it known that there a group of Christians on campus, ready to encourage Christian students in their faith, meet with students who have questions about Jesus and love our campus. 17035513_1450425405007941_871956700_n
You can praise God that as of writing this update we have had 60 new students sign up to Christian Union during o-week and welcome back week and we still have one day left. This is quiet a remarkable number for Swinburne, and it’s really encouraged our group. Pray that the students who signed up would find a home in CU, that we would faithfully point them towards Jesus and that students we met and didn’t sign up would hunger and thirst after our God. 17005946_1450425111674637_1863484053_n
Please also pray for the students who have signed up in the past who haven’t yet been involved in Christian Union, that they too would find a home in Christian Union, so that they would be built up in their relationship with God and be equipped to be disciple makers in their lives now and following their graduation from Uni. 17006148_1450425928341222_1471016915_n


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