Base Camp

Our first camp of the year is from a Friday night to Sunday afternoon. It’s aptly called base camp because it’s short, focuses on getting to know one anther and  leads up to our  longer, more involved mid-year camp, Summit. This year our president Emily organised Base Camp, praise God for her commitment and ability – I am so blessed to do this work with her.

Base Camp this year was fantastic. Rob Miller from Melbourne CU joined us and spoke on Jesus’ sacrifice and how we are to live sacrificially in response. He’s message was clear and powerful. We had discussion groups that allowed us to unpack and apply what we had heard. I was in a group of ladies and really enjoyed this time, we were real and honest with each other. We also had a student on camp who isn’t yet a Christian, pray that we would faithfully present the gospel and life with Jesus to this student and others who are involved in CU who haven’t given their lives to Jesus. I thought it was a great opportunity to share with this student that following Jesus involves sacrifice, and that this is a worthwhile sacrifice

The majority of student who came on camp were first years or new to CU. Over the weekend students got to know each other over meals, board games, basketball and our games night. Pray that this would continue so that students would make lasting friendship with one another so that they will challenge and strengthen one another in their faith now and after uni.



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