Apprentice conference

img_8107.jpgAFES staff conferences happen in the break between first and second semester. The apprentice conference is run over a weekend at Stanwell Tops. I’m really thankful there is a conference specifically for apprentices, we get to know others in the same boat as us from all over the country and the Bible teaching is relevant to us being relatively new to vocational ministry.img_8016.jpgThis year Andy Prideaux spoke on Job, I really appreciated being taught the Christian life being one of suffering at the outset of my ministry life. It was also important for understanding how to respond to others who are enduring suffering both in ministry and in our christian friendships.19239446_10213678122495255_1269724148_n1.jpgI also got to have a quick unexpected catch up with Erica who I first met as a Swinburne student when she worked for AFES. She is now ministering in Sydney. God keeps setting things up so that we run into each other which I’m grateful for because it’s always really encouraging having a chat with her. IMG_7990.jpg


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