3f5ed387-32cc-43ca-8479-24b4f326b68b.jpgOne important aspect of Uni ministry is friendship building. We want students to become friends with each other so throughout their degrees and as they leave university together they will continue to point each other to Jesus, to encourage in hard seasons of life and to remind in easier seasons. Some students come from churches with out many other people their age, others move from the country. Additionally, many will go far and wide over the course of their lives. Having  a network of friends are in love with God beyond your church is a great asset for running the race and enduring till the end.

To give students more opportunity to become friends we have a few hang out times over the course of semester break. We also have our mid-year camp summit coming up which is a great opportunity for student to get to know each other better over meals and by the fire. Please be praying that our students would make these friendship that will encourage and remind them throughout their lives that our God is worth following and the greatest joy. 19396842_10208444365981359_2864031897735090904_n




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