20232694_10210349583800279_3926593916636198489_o.jpgOur mid-year camp, Summit, this year focused on God’s plan for the world and our involvement in it. We looked at the book of Jonah and there we saw how God used a disobedient, self focused prophet in his plan of salvation for the wicked Ninevites. This is encouraging, though we may be painfully away of our shortcomings and sin, God can and will use us. It is also sobering that God may send us to share the gospel to wicked people, and remarkably beautiful that his grace extends to us and those we would deem not worthy of being saved.IMG_8936The week also included mirror groups where we applied God’s word to our own lives, seminars regarding chatting with Muslim friends about what we and they believe and electives on mission. The elective I ran was on the cost of ministry based on 2 Corinthians, some students participating are pictured below.IMG_8942 There was a lot of fun to be had too, we had free time each afternoon, which included a trip to Mt Buller for me and a social night in the middle of the week.20045281_10213301890843010_3350386519696903150_o Praise God that students were challenged to mission and spent time to reflect on how God’s plan for them intersects with his plan for the world. You can also thank God for the friendships formed and strengthened over the week. Below are some of our Swinburne students. 20139744_779362445575526_6086547476600780044_n



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