National Training Event

NTE is our nation wide camp in Canberra, as it’s name suggests students are trained so that they can minister to their friends, families, communities and churches. This year’s theme is a gospel shaped life which the main Bible talks will centre on. There are also seminars and mission electives. NTE also includes strand group where students are divided into groups of 10-14 and study a passage/topic throughout the week lead by strand leaders and at the end of the week give a short (5 minute) talk/tract. I’m leading strand 3 again this year. In strand 3 we work on the systematic theology of resurrection with 10-14 students from all over Australia. This culminates with them preparing a talk or tract on resurrection. I’m really looking forward to this – it’s a real privilege spend time looking at what the Bible says about resurrection in preparation and lead students through this. Pictured is one of our NTE preparation times. Pray that we would prepare well. Also, pray that God would be at work in the hearts of students coming to NTE (there are over 1000). That NTE would be an opportunity for those who haven’t given there lives to Jesus to do so and for young Christians to be equip well, consider mission and fall in love with Jesus a fresh. IMG_9727


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