Walk Up Training

After our Thursday evening public Bible talk we had training for walk up. This is a specific type of evangelism where you would up to people you haven’t met before and ask if they have time to discuss a question or topic about God. We had ministers from the Presbyterian church join us to share the Biblical basis for this type of evangelism and types for doing walk up honestly and well. One of our students who is a gifted evangelist shared a role pray and led students in discussion and prayer. We had about 25 students join us which is more than we anticipated and have organised times in the coming week they can join an experienced person in doing walk up. Pray that students would continually be encouraged to share the good news of Jesus, that they would have opportunity and good conversations and that this wouldn’t replace their evangelism to friends and family but would be a helpful addition.



Progressive dinner

One Thursday evening we visited some of the local protestant churches in the area. At each stop we ate some food and heard about the different ministries of each church, such as english languages classes, a cricket league, university housing. It was really encouraging to hear each of the heart of these churches was to introduce people to Jesus and make the gospel known. Each church was unique in it’s ministry yet all were united in purpose. Many non-regulars attended, including some people of other faiths and no faith. As we walked from church to church and ate together we had opportunities to share our faith with these visitors. At the last church we heard a Bible talk on pain and pleasure. I was so encouraged by the evening as a whole. It’s one of the occasions where I stopped and thought how much I love this job and how incredible God is. You can pray that we would see those who visited again, that further conversations would be possible and that the Christian students who regularly attend would continue to try new things and be excited about God’s work. IMG_3719.JPG

National Training Event

NTE is our nation wide camp in Canberra, as it’s name suggests students are trained so that they can minister to their friends, families, communities and churches. This year’s theme is a gospel shaped life which the main Bible talks will centre on. There are also seminars and mission electives. NTE also includes strand group where students are divided into groups of 10-14 and study a passage/topic throughout the week lead by strand leaders and at the end of the week give a short (5 minute) talk/tract. I’m leading strand 3 again this year. In strand 3 we work on the systematic theology of resurrection with 10-14 students from all over Australia. This culminates with them preparing a talk or tract on resurrection. I’m really looking forward to this – it’s a real privilege spend time looking at what the Bible says about resurrection in preparation and lead students through this. Pictured is one of our NTE preparation times. Pray that we would prepare well. Also, pray that God would be at work in the hearts of students coming to NTE (there are over 1000). That NTE would be an opportunity for those who haven’t given there lives to Jesus to do so and for young Christians to be equip well, consider mission and fall in love with Jesus a fresh. IMG_9727

Bible talk prep

Each semester I give one of our public Bible talks at Thirst. My talk this semester is in two weeks time on the living stones passage of 1 Peter. I’d love you to pray that God will give me wisdom as I prepare, that his word would transform me and that I would be genuine as I share who Jesus is and who we are when we follow him. Here’s what Bible talk looks like for me:img_6878.jpg

Semester 2 is underway

Uni is back and we are in full swing with CU activities. Below is one of 12 core groups, this semester we are meeting to read and explore 1 Peter and pray together.


I’m praying that all the things we do would mature followers of Jesus and introduce people to Jesus – that they would be worthwhile in building God’ds kingdom. I’d love you to join me in this prayer 🙂

O-week again

Swinburne has new students start half way through semester meaning we have a second o-week in the middle of the year. This is an opportunity for us to meet new students. This is also for students who have been meaning to join in CU activities but for whom the start of uni was enough to start with to find us and for students who have been thinking about Christianity to discover there is a Christian group on campus. I’d love you to pray for all these students, that they would find a home in CU and more importantly that they would know/know more of if great God.


20232694_10210349583800279_3926593916636198489_o.jpgOur mid-year camp, Summit, this year focused on God’s plan for the world and our involvement in it. We looked at the book of Jonah and there we saw how God used a disobedient, self focused prophet in his plan of salvation for the wicked Ninevites. This is encouraging, though we may be painfully away of our shortcomings and sin, God can and will use us. It is also sobering that God may send us to share the gospel to wicked people, and remarkably beautiful that his grace extends to us and those we would deem not worthy of being saved.IMG_8936The week also included mirror groups where we applied God’s word to our own lives, seminars regarding chatting with Muslim friends about what we and they believe and electives on mission. The elective I ran was on the cost of ministry based on 2 Corinthians, some students participating are pictured below.IMG_8942 There was a lot of fun to be had too, we had free time each afternoon, which included a trip to Mt Buller for me and a social night in the middle of the week.20045281_10213301890843010_3350386519696903150_o Praise God that students were challenged to mission and spent time to reflect on how God’s plan for them intersects with his plan for the world. You can also thank God for the friendships formed and strengthened over the week. Below are some of our Swinburne students. 20139744_779362445575526_6086547476600780044_n