3f5ed387-32cc-43ca-8479-24b4f326b68b.jpgOne important aspect of Uni ministry is friendship building. We want students to become friends with each other so throughout their degrees and as they leave university together they will continue to point each other to Jesus, to encourage in hard seasons of life and to remind in easier seasons. Some students come from churches with out many other people their age, others move from the country. Additionally, many will go far and wide over the course of their lives. Having  a network of friends are in love with God beyond your church is a great asset for running the race and enduring till the end.

To give students more opportunity to become friends we have a few hang out times over the course of semester break. We also have our mid-year camp summit coming up which is a great opportunity for student to get to know each other better over meals and by the fire. Please be praying that our students would make these friendship that will encourage and remind them throughout their lives that our God is worth following and the greatest joy. 19396842_10208444365981359_2864031897735090904_n





I’m really thankful for the training I received over the course of my ministry apprenticeship. A large part of this has been through eQuip, which seeks to equip the next generation of Victoria’s Bible teachers, leaders, pastors, evangelists and church planters. It’s been a real privilege to learn from people with much ministry experience and become friends with others at my stage who are just starting out in ministry. You can praise God for those who run, teach and make up the eQuip class as they have grown and blessed me over the last two years.IMG_7830As I continue working at Swinburne I’ve enrolled in one unit at Ridley (theological) College, pray that I have the time each week to study well.

Thirst: public bible talk

A hallmark of uni ministry are public Bible talks, I love the concept that the word of God is being spoken in universities all over Australia so that any student or staff can hear it if they chose. I think it’s also great for students to hear a Bible passage expounded and applied in their uni context. The public Bible talks at Swinburne are known as Thirst and happen every Thursday of semester at 4.30pm right in the middle of campus. In the semester just gone we’ve heard talks from Matthew and Joshua and next semester we’ll be looking at 1 Peter. Afterwards we go out for dinner, which is an opportunity to build relationships and chat about what we’ve heard. You can pray that Christian students would continue to grow in maturity through hearing God’s word at Thirst and non-Christian students would be curios and hear the gospel proclaimed. 18619926_1947950562158806_548487930937912715_n

Upcoming camp: Summit

Our mid year camp, Summit is on in July, we are studying Jonah. Please pray with me that God would be prompting students who need to be there to sign up, and also working in non-Christian students as they way up other priorities with coming on this camp. Also please pray for me as I prepare to run an elective on camp.

Melbourne Uni CU team

Please praise God with me for the staff team at Melbourne Uni CU, it’s been a joy to meet with them each week for staff time where we read the Bible together and pray for the specific work each of us is doing. I’m really thankful for the many ways they have supported uni ministry on campus at Swinburne this semester. IMG_7806

Core groups

It’s our final week of core groups this week. These are our bible study and prayer groups that meet each week. There have been 13 groups meeting this semester at different times and we’ve all looked at the book of Matthew followed by Joshua, finishing off this week with how Jesus fulfils what Israel fail to by being faithful to the father.


Please pray that the work we’ve done in these groups would be lasting. Pray too that those who aren’t Christians who’ve been coming to core group this semester would continue to read the Bible and make decisions as to whether they will accept Jesus as Lord, Saviour and King over the break.

Base Camp

Our first camp of the year is from a Friday night to Sunday afternoon. It’s aptly called base camp because it’s short, focuses on getting to know one anther and  leads up to our  longer, more involved mid-year camp, Summit. This year our president Emily organised Base Camp, praise God for her commitment and ability – I am so blessed to do this work with her.

Base Camp this year was fantastic. Rob Miller from Melbourne CU joined us and spoke on Jesus’ sacrifice and how we are to live sacrificially in response. He’s message was clear and powerful. We had discussion groups that allowed us to unpack and apply what we had heard. I was in a group of ladies and really enjoyed this time, we were real and honest with each other. We also had a student on camp who isn’t yet a Christian, pray that we would faithfully present the gospel and life with Jesus to this student and others who are involved in CU who haven’t given their lives to Jesus. I thought it was a great opportunity to share with this student that following Jesus involves sacrifice, and that this is a worthwhile sacrifice

The majority of student who came on camp were first years or new to CU. Over the weekend students got to know each other over meals, board games, basketball and our games night. Pray that this would continue so that students would make lasting friendship with one another so that they will challenge and strengthen one another in their faith now and after uni.